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 We look forward to meet you in our gardens growing and taking care of flowers and greenery.

 Pension owners who are intent on gardening funded BGL in May 1999, suggested by an artist Kazan Uto, as the Japanese version of British "Bed & Breakfast for Garden Lovers."
   Each member strives to make individual and high-quality gardens to make guest comfort and spend good time together through flowers and greenery.

 4 BGL members--- FIELD NOTE, APPLE, COCOTTE, and ALPEN FLORA got awards in the past at the contest held by THE FLOWER ASSOCIATION OF JAPAN.

 For further information, please contact the following members or BGL organizer.

Staying 5 BGL inns gives you 5,000 Yen cash back!

 We pass you a BGL Stamp Card with a stamp mark when you stay our BGL inns.

We offer 5000 Yen cash back when you stay 6th BGL inn after you collect 5 stamp marks at different BGL inns.

 The expiry is 5 years from the date of the first stamp mark. Please plan your seasonal garden tours as your schedule in 5 years!

 BGL members

◎ Appi in Iwate pref.

605-125, Appi Kogen, Hachimantai city, Iwate, 028-7306
TEL. 0195-63-3838
FAX. 0195-63-3237

◎ Zao in Yamagata pref.
Pension APPLE

1968-58, Aza-Omori, Ogura, Kaminoyama city, Yamagata, 999-3112
TEL/FAX. 023-679-2329

◎ Ura-Bandai in Fukushima pref.
Little Hotel Curtis Creek

Lake Akimoto Iriguchi, Ura Bandai, Kitashiobara-mura ,Yama-gun, Fukushima,
TEL. 0241-32-3478
FAX. 0241-32-2584

◎ Himeki-daira in Nagano pref.
Flowers are our friends Alpen Flora

Himeki-daira, Nagawa-cho, Chiisagata-gun, Nagano, 386-0601
TEL. 0268-69-2930
FAX. 0268-69-2932

◎Iiduna-higashi highland in Nagano pref.
Pension Field Note

2755-1904, kawakami, Iizuna-cho, Kamiminochi-gun, Nagano, 389-1226
TEL. 026-253-8373
FAX. 026-253-6615

◎Minenohara highland in Nagano pref.
Pension Garden Story

721 Minenohara, Suzaka city, Nagano 386-2211
TEL/FAX. 0268-74-2728

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   BGL Meeting 2019 Bed & Dinner for Garden Lovers

 We had the annual meeting at Pension Cocotte in Gifu on June 6.